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Hollow Body Hold

This video teaches you how to do the hollow body hold correctly. It is a great exercise for your core and hits an area most people do not work – the transverse abdominals. Be sure your lower back does not leave the floor and that you are constantly pulling in your abdominals. If this is easy extend your legs out further then bring your arms overhead. Start slow and as you get stronger shoot for 5 sets of 60 seconds with 30 seconds of rest.

Foam Roll Full Body

This video shows how I like to roll out my full body before bed. It helps relax the body and allows me to fall asleep faster. Note: I am not looking to make a tissue change here. To make a tissue change you need to spend time and contact/relax the area you are looking to change. For more information on this please see my other video called “Soft Tissue Work”.

MobilityWOD Performance Workshop

I attended this course in Chicago on 12/2/17, the instructor was Dr. Travis Jewett. Link to courses:
Notes: just to clarify something I said in the video, the 101 is not a live course, sorry not sure why I said that. Also, since I’ve taken both the 101 and 102 courses, I knew a little bit of the warm up, breath work, and such that Travis did in this Performance Workshop. However, while this course has a few components from the 101 or 102, they are completely different courses. If you have not taken the 101 or 102 they are great courses as well and will supplement the knowledge gained from this course.
Lastly, apologies that my videos are not done well, I still need to learn to use video editing software – but the information shared is honest and hopefully helpful!