TA Performance Breathing Class 

Learning to breathe better is something I feel everyone can benefit from, and yes I mean everyone. It may sound boring and simple but challenging your breathing with breath holds and other techniques (done properly) is a game changer. In my Performance Breathing Online Class you will learn how well you breathe (via two different tests), then how to improve your breathing. Once you train to breathe better there are so many benefits from delivering more oxygen to your tissues, stress reduction, improvement in sleep (falling asleep and staying asleep), improving heart rate variability (your resilience), better use of your diaphragm (which can help if you have back pain), delaying lactic acid, and more.
The benefits almost sound too good to be true but are possible if you put in the work. The class runs once a week at night and runs three weeks. I record the sessions if you can’t make class live and I run them monthly. Click the link below to register!