Online Coaching

Boot Camp

I use Zoom up for online mobility classes and private/semi-private online mobility coaching, body-weight strength or a combination of the two. Please contact me for more information.  I also offer the two services below from Precision Nutrition, I am a certified coach for them.

  • Precision Nutrition Coaching – $25 per month –  if you’d like to work on habits towards better eating then this is for you. Most people fail with diets because they don’t make it a lifestyle. This program teaches you a new habit every two weeks and you log in daily for your nutrition lesson and if you’ve done your habit. It’s very successful for people who stick to it.
  • Online Fitness Training via Precision Nutrition – $25 per month – this online system is great!  With very customizable features, you can do at home workouts with no equipment or minimal equipment, along with full gym workouts (once they reopen). It’s very well designed, you can make modifications to exercises and learn what to look out for when doing an exercise. This is important because lots of bad reps over time add up and then your injured. Good program!