Personal Training (Garage Gym)

Are you looking to train with someone in person, but worried about being inside with other people?
Come train with me in my clean, fresh air garage gym!  The equipment is clean, I have a lot of great equipment and you’ll have an awesome trainer helping you.
Maybe you’ve tried working out on your own, along with taking a class here and there and didn’t see results you would of liked?
Or maybe you ended up injured?
What if you spent your limited time working out on exactly what you needed to do to build a better performing body and meet your goals?
I help people reach their health & fitness goals by using the TA 4 System. The components are strength, mobility, breathing and good nutrition habits!  This system is built specifically for you, or for you and a friend or two. After a consultation and assessment session we’ll combine my findings with your goals and get started on a program that will meet them. Come work with me and I’ll help you meet your goals and enjoy life more with a well working, strong and mobile body!  Book your consultation below!