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Stephen Alheim

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Stephan Alheim

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Hi, my name is Stephan Alheim, health coach and owner/founder of the TA4 Performance System. I’m 46 years old and I’ve been involved in fitness and health personally for over 30 years. From a coaching perspective, I’ve been helping clients for over 15 years and doing this is truly my passion.

I help people reach their health & fitness goals by using the TA4 Performance System. The components are bodyweight strength, improved mobility, proper breathing and personalized nutrition! I believe in making people healthier all around and building them up, not breaking them down. Too many people start an exercise program and end up injured or burn out. I do my best to not let that happen. I know that each person is unique and has their own challenges to deal with. Sometimes these challenges could be mobility issues, old injuries or surgeries and other times it may just be motivation or not knowing what to do in the gym or how to do it correctly. No matter where you’re at, I can meet you at your level and progress from there.

My 15+ years of training and numerous certifications has taught me four (TA4)  important things:
  1. Strength: while everyone has different goals here one thing is for sure; everyone needs to have a good base level of strength to move and control your body. I help my clients here by teaching optimal technique in everything we do. If you are using bad technique not only can that lead to injury, but you are losing out on loading the pattern correctly and strengthening the correct muscles. You may not injure yourself on one repetition or even 100, but over time and hundreds of bad reps, you can have a problem. That and practice makes permanent, so now you have to unlearn all those hundreds of bad reps to relearn correct movement patterns.
  2. Mobility: is so important and often overlooked. The more range of motion you have – along with strength to control that range of motion – the less chance of injury you have and the more power you can generate. If you want to stay healthy, you need to make sure you have good mobility. In every position you don’t have full range of motion the body has to compensate, these compensations over time can lead to injury. The more severe the mobility restriction the greater chance of injury. Everyone should be working on their mobility.
  3. Breathing: is another often overlooked area but with so many benefits. If you breathe through your mouth at any time, even sleeping, you are a dysfunctional breather. Learning to breathe properly and doing breathing exercises is something I honestly feel everyone can benefit from. The benefits are too good, from delivering more oxygen to your tissues, to calming stress, anxiety, sleeping better, strengthening your respiratory muscles/core, delaying lactic acid, and more! If you haven’t learned proper breathing techniques/exercises, you are missing out from both a health and performance standpoint!
  4. Nutrition: you need to eat well to support all the above benefits, that’s where the TA Performance Nutrition App comes in. It grades how you eat based on the 26 nutrients your body should be getting then offers suggestions on how to eat better. You can start slow adding a few in here and there or get a whole meal plan right from the start. It also has weekly lessons or practices for you to follow to help with your nutrition. Too many people make the mistake of doing a super strict diet, they lose weight then gain it all back when they get off the diet. The overall goal with this app is to find a healthy nutrition plan that you can sustain and enjoy and make it a lifestyle.
I can help you improve your mobility while at the same time getting you stronger and teaching you how to breathe properly. You will feel and perform better, you will move better, you will lose weight and gain muscle, and just enjoy life more with a well working body!

Whatever your goals may be I’m here to help. I have several options to work with me and I offer the TA Performance Nutrition App.

One last thing to know about me is that I’m extremely passionate about my career and it shows when you work with me and in my certifications. I’m always learning and keeping up to date on the latest research in the industry. I’m also a bit goofy and try to make fitness as fun as possible while still getting a great workout in. Honestly, if I didn’t have to pay bills I’d do this job for free!

Let’s get started, I look forward to hearing from you!


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