The TA4 Assessment


How do you know how well your body is doing? Do you have the recommended range of motion in your body and the strength to control that range of motion? Did you know that improving these two areas will greatly reduce the chance of you injuring yourself and allow you to generate more power?

My TA4 Assessment will test your mobility, strength, and breathing and will give you an idea of how well you move, if you have any weak-points, and baseline you in three areas to show progress! (Nutrition is covered but handled separately). The test is completed on your own time using videos and the PDF.

It is really important to have a baseline. Too many people build strength on top of dysfunction and then end up not progressing fast or getting injured. No more wondering if you’re making progress. All you have to do is take the TA Assessment then work towards improving your scores. Need help?  My TA4 system, via Zoom classes, using my video subscription, personal training (or any combination of the three), WILL help you make progress.  You should retest every 3 to 6 months to see progress.

Here’s another benefit, lets say life gets crazy and don’t work out much for three months. I still want you to take the assessment so you can see what happens to your body when you don’t exercise. Some people will decline fast and some not much at all. This will show you what your daily life activities do to your body alone. So either way your always learning and hopefully catching incidents before they become a problem.

The assessment takes about 60 minutes the first time and as you get more familiar it can be done between 30-45 minutes depending on your scores. It comes with any TA subscription or membership and can also be purchased alone for $99. If you purchase it solo then you have the option of scheduling a 1-hour session with me (either in person or online) I will will walk you through the assessment your first time.  Click below to purchase:

The TA4 Assessment