TA4 Golf Program

The TA4 Golf Program is here!  Now on sale for $150, save 25% for a limited time, use the link below to purchase!


What’s the difference between the TA4 Golf Program and a new set of clubs?  Both will improve your game but only one is an investment in you and will work just as good on the course as off, for only a fraction of the cost.

Want to improve club head speed?  Let’s work on your range of motion and power!

Want to worry less about back injuries that can keep you from playing golf?  Let’s build a bulletproof strong core!

The TA4 Golf program will help you accomplish these goals and more. The program is $200 for three months (14 weeks) of access.

Bonus:  full access to the TA4 Fitness app for the 14 weeks ($90 value)


  1. How is the program delivered?   The program is delivered via my app, available on the app stores but also available via a web link so you can watch the class videos on any device (like a smart TV or laptop).  Purchase using the link above then find the program inside my app here:  https://ta4fitness.passion.io/
  2. Do I need a gym or equipment?   90% of the program is bodyweight or basic items found at home. One of the strength classes does require home equipment or a gym.

Have further questions?  Email me at info@traineralheim.com or book a consultation call. Link on homepage.