TA4 Fitness Longevity System App

Do you feel like you’re getting older and your body doesn’t feel or move or look as good anymore?
Do you have aspirations and goals to be better and do more with your health?
Do you want to feel & move better, live longer and get into your blue zone?

Well if you follow the latest research on longevity, it states that proper exercise is one of the most important things you should focus on. The TA4 Fitness Longevity System will help you focus on 4 very important areas of longevity related to fitness:

  1. Bodyweight strength, balance & control: so you have the strength to do all the things you love and look amazing!
  2. Mobility, stability & weak point training: so your body feels and moves great & you can reduce your injury risk!
  3. Zone 2 cardio & breathwork: for heart health & much more!
  4. Good nutrition habits: that are sustainable for life!

With TA4 Fitness:

  • You will learn so much about your body and how to move it properly that this information will help you in all you do through life!
  • You’ll realize that if you put in the right work to take care of your body, it will take care of you!
  • You’ll finally be able to make progress towards a body that feels, moves, and looks good, that will support you through all your decades of life!
  • Your family and friends will see the change in you and ask what’s happening!
  • You’ll wish you had started this sooner!

Want to just feel good and look good? Got that covered. Want to perform better in sports or even climb a mountain? Got that covered too. When you train properly to make your whole body work better, it transfers into anything you want to do in life!


Effective and efficient workouts based on your available time and goals, from 10-60 minutes.
I meet you at your fitness level and go from there with progressions of exercises for all fitness levels!
Learn proper exercise technique and mobilizations to keep you safe and avoid injuries!
I am with you coaching and queuing the whole session, like having a personal trainer right there with you!
Longevity tests! See how you perform compared to the longevity goals!
Unique programming based on four important components of health!
Strength Classes, Mobility Classes, Zone 2 Cardio Programming, Breathwork Exercises, and Nutrition Coaching!
An Assessment to baseline you to show progress and find weak points to reduce your injury risk!
At home programs you can do with little to no equipment.
New classes added throughout the year as we all learn and grow together!
A community in the app to ask questions, share progress, get motivation and have fun!
Download workouts to your phone or tablet so you don’t need internet access.

TA4 Fitness – Your lifeline for lifetime fitness!

Sign up here: https://ta4fitness.passion.io/