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TheTA4 Fitness Longevity System can help you!

If you are over 40 and have not had good luck reaching your health and fitness goals it’s not your fault!

The reason nothing has worked is because most fitness programs aren’t designed properly for adults over 40 and the changes that have happened to our bodies through life:

  • Too many programs are only concerned only with rapid transformations and how you look; those aren’t sustainable and don’t work when you are older.
  • As we get older some of us have lost strength & range of motion, we have old injuries, maybe past surgeries, our body might be feeling stiff and not moving well, and some of us have gained weight, all of which can make a lot of things harder.
  • Fitness programs that have the wrong focus or don’t address these changes are all a setup for failure, yo-yo results, and pain/injury.
  • Then we blame age, think fitness isn’t for us, and might feel helpless or hopeless. When really it’s not age or any of those things, it’s just that you haven’t been taught properly how to take care of your body with the right system. And everyone deserves to feel good in their bodies and be the best self they can be!
  • You need a system that is going to address these changes, build you back up, and be sustainable for life. To do this properly, the program needs to have a baseline test to see where you are at via a movement screen and help you in multiple areas such as strength, mobility, heart health, nutrition and more!

I’m Coach Stephan – a full-time longevity health coach. I’ve spent the last 10 years building this system and many of our clients struggled with their health and fitness as well until they discovered the TA4 Longevity System, like Jenna, Jason, Shanan, Joe, Mary, Tim, and so many more (see all the TA4 Fitness google reviews).

Here’s how it works:

  1. Choose the best starting program for you:
    • TA4 Mobility Launch: a mobility only program that will get you feeling and moving better! 20-minute sessions, perfect for beginners or those who already strength train! More info below.
    • TA4 Longevity Launch: the introductory longevity program; strength, mobility, zone 2 cardio to build muscle, burn fat, feel, move, and look better, improve heart health and more! 45-minute sessions, perfect for beginners and intermediate exercisers!
    • Men’s Longevity Program <– click this link to go to the page for this program.
  2. Start with a movement screen assessment to baseline yourself and find any weak-points!
  3. Begin your TA4 journey to becoming your best health self!

You will feel better, move better, look better, have more energy and confidence, and finally have a body that will be able to support you in whatever you want to do in life! Your friends and family will see the change in you and ask what’s happening! Put in the right work, with the right system and the results will come; you’ll wish you had started sooner! Book a call today, we’re here to help you and we want you to succeed!

If you’re still on the fence, imagine this, you do nothing with your health and take no action, or you try the same stuff that hasn’t worked in the past. How do you think you’ll feel in 10 years from now? Not good right, and there will never be a perfect time in life, you have to make time! And when it comes to time the TA4 workouts are as efficient and effective as you can get! So take action today with a program that is designed for us adults 40 and up and book your call! Your future healthy self is depending on you!

Have questions? Email me at traineralheim@gmail.com or book a consultation call by clicking here!


Programs available:

TA4 Mobility Launch!

Do you feel like your body is getting older, feeling more stiff, maybe you’ve got some aches and pains too? Most people just blame age and although that may be part of the picture, its definitely not all of it. I’ve run movement screens on a lot of people and I’ve found that almost everyone is missing range of motion in their bodies, small muscles aren’t working properly, and there are general movement inefficiencies. Once the clients start fixing these through proper mobility work, they feel SOOO MUCH BETTER!

Now, one thing you need to know about mobility work is that it actually feels good when you’re doing it as well. A lot of people dislike exercise, this is not like that, it is mobility work and there is a difference. Although we may fire some muscles while working on mobility, it is not stressful. Simply put, EVERYBODY LOVES the TA4 Fitness mobility sessions, they are that good for the body and you will instantly start feeling better.

These are perfect for anyone from beginners to athletes, runners, people who may already be performing strength work, and more. If you are looking to add a healthy component to your life this is it. These sessions will get you feeling and moving better and with the added range of motion you will be less likely to get injured and be able to generate more power. The sessions are 20-minutes each, you can do them daily or put a few together for extra work on the body (or even a particular troublesome body part). You will enjoy these sessions and you will start feeling better! You simply login, hit play and I coach you through each of the sessions!

The program will officially launch February 26th but will open next week for people who purchase via early access! Here is what you get:

  • You’ll get 28-days of programming with 20-minute mobility sessions (with cueing on proper breathwork). Hit play and off you go! These sessions are meant to be repeated, stay in the program as long as you need it!
  • A weekly full-body recovery foam roll session which teaches you how to perform soft-tissue work on yourself (a $19 value). A foam roller is required for this session!
  • Access to TA4 nutrition habit lessons and breathwork sessions – breathing exercises that can be done alone and specific a class to watch if you’d like to learn more (a $49 value).
  • Access to the TA4 Community for support, tips motivation and more!
  • All this for $39.99 – pre-launch sale – $29.99 per month! (After you purchase I will email you when the program launches next week for early access).

Buy the Mobility Launch: click here for early access – with a 7-day free trial!


TA4 Longevity Launch!

This program is 45 minute workouts in my longevity format: a strength workout day, a mobility day, and a Zone 2 cardio day. The strength workouts are bodyweight strength so no equipment is required! It is for beginners and intermediate experienced exercisers and is an awesome starter to try out the TA4 System. Are you newer to exercise? Then this program is for you! You simply login, hit play and I coach you through the entire workouts:

  • You’ll get 28-days of programming: strength, mobility, and zone 2 cardio workouts (all these with cueing on proper breathwork)! Efficient and effective balanced workouts, hit play and off you go! These workouts and sessions can be repeated, stay in the launch program as long as you’d like. When your ready you can upgrade to the official TA4 Longevity Program!
  • Access to the TA4 Assessment to baseline yourself and find weak points (a bonus $99 value).
  • Access to bonus 30-minute workout videos, including a full-body foam roll video (a $49 Value)
  • Access to TA4 nutrition habit lessons and breathwork sessions – breathing exercises that can be done alone and specific a class to watch if you’d like to learn more (a $49 value).
  • Access to the TA4 Community for support, tips motivation and more!
  • All this for $74.99 – on sale temporarily for – $49.99 per month!  

Buy the Longevity Launch: click here!


Special!  Buy both the Longevity Launch & Mobility Launch for $74.99 per month and lock in your rate before they go up! Click here to buy!


The Men’s Longevity Program is also available in the app, click here to learn more


TA4 Fitness – Your lifeline for lifetime fitness!

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