TA Personal Training 

I offer personal training in person at my garage gym in Lyons, IL or online via Zoom.

Most people need a trainer at least to get them started. You should have a good baseline of where you are at via a movement screen, then you need to work on your weak-points and learn to build strength correctly. Pain in your body is not normal, most people are either missing range of motion and/or strength and may be performing movements incorrectly on top of that. Learn from a good trainer and your fitness journey will be much more effective!
What if you spent your limited time working out on exactly what you needed to do to build a better performing body and meet your goals?
I help people reach their health & fitness goals by using the TA4 System. The components are strength, mobility, zone 2 cardio & breathwork, and good nutrition habits!  This system is customizable specifically to you and gets results! After a consultation and assessment session we’ll combine my findings with your goals and get started on a program that will meet them. I can work online with no equipment to a full home gym and will challenge you at whatever level you are at.  Come work with me and I’ll help you meet your goals and enjoy life more with a well working, strong and mobile body!  Book your consultation call below!

The link below does not work (business change) please use this link to book a call with me:  https://calendly.com/ta4fitness/consultation-call