TA4 Personal Training 

TheTA4 Fitness Longevity System can help you! I offer online (via Zoom) and in-person personal training!

If you are over 40 and have not had good luck reaching your health and fitness goals it’s not your fault!

The reason nothing has worked is because most fitness systems aren’t designed properly for adults over 40 and the changes that have happened to our bodies through life:

  • Too many programs are only concerned only with rapid transformations and how you look; those aren’t sustainable and don’t work when you are older.
  • As we get older some of us have lost strength & range of motion, we have old injuries, maybe past surgeries, our body might be feeling stiff and not moving well, and some of us have gained weight, all of which can make a lot of things harder.
  • Fitness systems that have the wrong focus or don’t address these changes are all a setup for failure, yo-yo results, and pain/injury.
  • Then we blame age, think fitness isn’t for us, and might feel helpless or hopeless. When really it’s not age or any of those things, it’s just that you haven’t been taught properly how to take care of your body with the right system. And everyone deserves to feel good in their bodies and be the best self they can be!
  • You need a system that is going to address these changes, build you back up, and be sustainable for life. That means the program needs to be customized to where you are and help you in multiple areas such as strength, mobility, heart health, nutrition and more!

I’m Coach Stephan – a full-time longevity health coach and I’ve spent the last 10 years building this system and many of our clients struggled with their health and fitness as well until they discovered the TA4 Longevity System, like Jenna, Jason, Shanan, Joe, Mary, Tim, and so many more (see all the TA4 Fitness google reviews).

Here’s how it works:

  1. Schedule a call (click here) and we‘ll get you started with your first session – almost always a movement screen!
  2. Based on your results we discuss the next best steps moving forward for you and your goals!
  3. Begin your TA4 journey to becoming your best health self!

You will feel better, move better, look better, have more energy and confidence, and finally have a body that will be able to support you in whatever you want to do in life! Your friends and family will see the change in you and ask what’s happening! Put in the right work, with the right system and the results will come; you’ll wish you had started sooner! Book a call today, we’re here to help you and we want you to succeed!

If you’re still on the fence, imagine this, you do nothing with your health and take no action, or you try the same stuff that hasn’t worked in the past. How do you think you’ll feel in 10 years from now? Not good right, and there will never be a perfect time in life, you have to make time! And when it comes to time the TA4 workouts are as efficient and effective as you can get! So take action today with a program that is designed for us adults 40 and up and book your call! Your future healthy self is depending on you!

Please use this link to book a call with me:  https://calendly.com/ta4fitness/consultation-call