TA4 40+ Men’s Longevity Program

Welcome to my informational video on my new men’s longevity program!  Please watch the above video then I have more detailed information below:

  • I have made huge changes to this program due to all the awesome feedback!
  • This program contains over 100 hours of expert longevity programming customized to you and your goals. No trying to figure out what to do on your own. The trainings are very well designed, balanced and include everything you need in a fitness/longevity program. Got crappy knees or shoulders, we will be working on that and much more. Plus it’s very effective and efficient for your time spent, all you have to do is put in the work and it will change your life!
  • I am with you through all the strength and mobility trainings, walking you through each move and coaching. This isn’t your standard here’s your workout go do it. No, I’ll be with you via the TA4 Fitness app the whole time (it is still a recording but I’m coaching everything I would do in a personal training session).  It’s like having a personal trainer right there with you. See Program Contents for details.
  • I only take 5 guys each month, book a call today to learn more and get your spot!

To book a call click this link:  Men’s Longevity Consultation Call

Program Contents:

  • The TA4 Assessment:  the program will start with this to this will baseline you in the areas of strength, mobility, and breathing. At the end of 12 weeks we will also finish with this to show improvement. Value $100.
  • After you finish your assessment we will discuss your results and I will also give you a custom nutrition report. Value $150
  • Begin the training sessions alternating Strength, Mobility, and Zone 2 Cardio. These will be customized based on your Assessment scores and goals.
  • Strength Sessions: for these sessions I am with you the entire time. I do a quick demo of the exercise and levels then we start. Through the exercises I am coaching on common mistakes, re-queuing proper form, pushing you and giving other general tips.  Value $400
  • Mobility & Foundational Strength Sessions: this is your prevent injury, improve how your body feels and performs class. Once again I am with you the entire time through class. We will do dynamic and passive stretching, activations during some stretches to improve strength, small muscle work in the hips and shoulders along with breathwork. This session will prevent overtraining and keep you healthy. Value $400
  • Zone 2 Cardio Sessions: in these sessions I am not with you the entire time. I give you several options and make suggestions on what to do and how to stay in zone two. These days are built in to improve your cardio and heart health, very important to overall longevity. On each zone 2 cardio day there is a video and some days I will give you with different cardio challenges if you want to try them. Value $100
  • Recovery Foam Roll Session:  you can take this day off but I also offer a full body foam roll session to help with recovery. Value $50
  • Support is given through the community in the app: questions are answered, motivational posts, tips, equipment and supplement recommendations, and more!

    The total value of this program is over $1,200!  Get it today for $397!

Optional Program Additions:

  • Lab work: As stated in the video I have partnered with a company to offer very detailed bloodwork along with what’s called InnerAge. The company will take your blood work and determine how old you are on the inside. They will also give you suggestions on how to turn the clock back. Blood work is very important because you may look great on the outside, but have lots of trouble on the inside. This is an excellent way to enhance the program and show how much you can turn the clock back. Whether you go through me or your doctor, good thorough lab work is really important.

To book a call click this link:  Men’s Longevity Consultation Call

To purchase for February, (I prefer a consultation call first, however if you are sure…) click here:  TA4 Fitness Longevity Program for Men

Benefits: by the end of the program you will:

  • Look and feel better, people will notice and comment! You will have lost fat and built muscle (the amount will be based on how much weight you have to lose, sessions completed, how well you eat, and other factors such as sleep, stress, testosterone levels and more).  You will be feeling and moving better in your body, you will have better balance and muscle control, sports will improve, you will know where you stand on longevity tests, along with having more confidence and energy. If you chose to have bloodwork done your biomarkers will have improved as well!
  • You will have learned a ton about your body, how it moves, your strength and mobility levels, how it responds to proper exercise, your breathwork ability, your nutritional needs to eat better and make it sustainable for the rest of your life.
  • You will have learned a lot about fitness in general. How to do bodyweight exercises and other strength exercises properly in a balance manner. What mobility stretches are best for you and how to make optimal progress improving your mobility. The importance of breathwork in helping improve your performance, reducing your stress, aid in sleeping better and more!
  • I know this sounds like a lot but if you put in the work with a good program it is all possible, I’ve seen it done many times!
  • My main goal is that you will have had such a great overall change in your health, that you are motivated to keep it up for the rest of your life! Whether you decide to stay with me and move into my second longevity program or go out on your own (with all the knowledge you gained) I just hope that you continue it for life. Exercise is the most potent longevity drug done correctly and you should be keeping up with your health so all of your decades of life are good decades!


  1. Who is this program for?
    • Guys 40+ who are generally healthy. What I mean by that is some stiffness and pain is normal for most people. However, if you have a lot of pain, for example if you cannot raise your arm over your head without a lot of pain or if you cannot bend your knee without a lot of pain this program may not be for you. Perhaps see a physical therapist first.
  2. What level of fitness experience should I have?
    • Any level is fine. The program will have options for people new to fitness to more experienced.
  3. I don’t want to use my smartphone. Is the program available on other devices?
    • Yes, any device that has web access will allow you to get to the program. So you can watch the sessions on a smart TV, laptop, tablet, etc…
  4. What happens after 12-weeks?
    • I will be designing a second program that you can transition into.  There will also be an option to repeat the original program for more accelerated gains (and a discount). There are benefits to both of these options. My main goal is that you at least do something to keep working on your fitness and health for life!
  5. Is there a guarantee on the program?
    • Yes, I have a Put in the Work Guarantee. If you put in the work on the program, you are guaranteed results! More on that if you book a call!