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Stephen Alheim

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Stephan Alheim / The TA4 Fitness System

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Hi, my name is Stephan Alheim, health coach and owner/founder of the TA4 Fitness System. I’m 48 years old and I’ve been involved in fitness and health personally for over 30 years. From a coaching perspective, I’ve been helping clients for over 20 years and doing this is truly my passion.

I help people train for life using the TA4 Fitness System. What is training for life and the TA4 System?  Good questions. Training for life means having a body that performs well for whatever life throws at you, from playing with your grandkids to climbing a mountain. It’s about having a healthy body that allows you to live your life how you want to live it and not restricted. The TA4 System helps build this body with four components;  bodyweight strength, improved mobility, proper breathing and good nutrition habits!

The TA4 System starts with the TA4 Assessment.  TheTA4 Assessment is a snapshot in time of how well your body is doing. It is 14 tests that will score you in strength, mobility, and breathing, with a separate task for nutrition. The test can be run with me or on your own and takes about an hour (less if I run it).  It will baseline you in four areas of health, help you find any weak points you may have, and allow you to see progress on your journey!  If you end up having any 1’s (low scores) on the assessment, especially on the mobility tests, you have a higher chance of injury and risk of pain in your future. The body compensates when you don’t have good range of motion and these compensations over time are what lead to pain and injury.

After the TA4 Assessment is complete, based on how you score the system is then customized to you. Let’s say you don’t have great shoulder mobility and want to work on that on your own. Great, focus on shoulder mobility videos using my TA4 Fitness app.  Let’s say you score low on mobility and strength and need some extra help. Great, lets get you some online personal training sessions and add in some of my online classes. There is a solution for almost everyone.

I can help you improve your mobility while at the same time getting you stronger and teaching you how to breathe properly. You will feel and perform better, you will move better, you will lose weight and gain muscle, and just enjoy life more with a well working body!

One last thing to know about me is that I’m extremely passionate about my career and it shows when you work with me and in my certifications. I’m always learning and keeping up to date on the latest research in the industry. I’m also a bit goofy and try to make fitness as fun as possible while still getting a great workout in. Honestly, if I didn’t have to pay bills I’d do this job for free!

Let’s get started, I look forward to hearing from you!


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